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The Proposal
Calm Campaigns showcased previous gamification campaigns that had been implemented throughout the 2022 period. After Becky’s conversation with Calm, the Object Hunt game, also known as the Easter Egg Hunt, was selected as their gamification project. 

The Game: Find the Jockey Silks
Find the Jockey Silks is a game designed to be fun and engaging. The game required you to click and collect the jockey silks that had been distributed. Once all the jockey silks had been collected the user was invited to take part in a competition, and all they needed to do was fill in their details on a data capture form and submit it for a chance to win a prize. This process not only helped to increase engagement and interaction, it also increased future marketing efforts.

Previous Campaigns
Royal Ascot are no stranger to gamification as their previous Advent Calendar Online campaign uses gamification to increase engagement levels. While the Advent Calendar Online campaign and the Find the Jockey Silks campaign used social media and an extensive mailing list the main difference between the previous Advent Calendar Online campaign and the Find the Jockey Silks campaign was the use of point of sale (POS) systems and their strategic placement around the venue to encourage engagement.  

This was their first immersive campaign which managed to blend gamification into a live audience which was different from their usual experience with Advent Calendar Online.

This campaign succeeded in increasing audience engagement and awareness. Combining physical and virtual marketing efforts through the utilisation of gamification allowed Royal Ascot and Calm Campaigns to provide audiences with a unique and immersive experience.  

Royal Ascot and Calm Campaigns worked together to demonstrate the power of collaboration and showcased how gamification can help enhance marketing effectiveness as it interacts with and blends the virtual and physical elements of marketing. This campaign delivered successful results and managed to increase audience engagement and awareness through new creative marketing strategies that have since become a new standard for advertising. 

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