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Calm Campaigns proposed the 'Connect the Cards' gamification as a way to keep the campaign engaging and informative. The game consisted of a 33-column mini-quiz, wherein the users were required to drag the matching health scenarios into the column that made the most logical sense. Each individual card has an icon, title, and a description of the health issue that has been represented. By clicking each card, the user could flip them over and read further information to help them decide whether or not the cards were in the correct places.

Delving deeper into the mechanics of the game, the top row of cards is fixed, meaning they cannot be moved at all; this helps to keep everything simple for the users in order for them to complete it. Additionally, rows 2 and 3 move freely from left to right. Once the user is satisfied with the position of the cards, all that is left is to click the submit button.

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If the user correctly matched each card to their counterpart, then they would trigger a pop-up that would allow them to enter PetPlan's exciting competition via a data capture form, doing so enabled their eligibility for a chance to win a prize. However, if they guessed wrongly, they were given the option to retry the game.

This engagement campaign was shared across their social media platforms, wherein it was promoted to their active subscribers. This particular gamification is unique to Calm Campaigns as it is the first project to be built with the means to reset and rerun the campaign from the same platform.


PetPlan extended its hosting plan for a longer duration; they also have the function to stop the campaign entirely, preventing the public from entering should the contest be closed. Charlotte, a member of the Petplan team, aims to run this campaign every three months, having begun in October 2023. With new questions and more exciting prizes to be won, Charlotte is equipped with the tools she needs to do so - all of which are built into a straightforward gamification campaign.

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