Ascot Racecourse - The Shergar Cup

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As August unfolded, the anticipation surrounding the Shergar Cup reached new heights. Named in honour of the legendary racehorse, Shergar, this event has evolved into a symbol of sporting excellence, presenting the perfect opportunity to create a unique and interactive experience that resonates with horse racing enthusiasts globally.

The Team Vote gamification emerged as a dynamic in-person and online participation collaboration. With four competing teams – Team UK & Ireland, Team Europe, Team Rest of the World, and Team Ladies – participants were invited to align themselves with their chosen team—the gamification aimed to enhance engagement and bridge the gap between the live event and virtual spectators.

Participants were treated to illustrations of the Team Captains. Each team's profile provided comprehensive insights, allowing users to make informed choices. The vote casting involved a seamless transition between learning about the teams, selecting a favourite, and entering personal details in a user-friendly data capture form.

As a way to promote inclusivity, people attending the Ascot Racecourse and people watching online were able to participate in the Shergar Cup’s excitement through the use of gamification. The gamification allowed people to come together and share in an experience. 

With the help of gamification viewers at home and live event goers were able to come together and fortify the sense of community. 

Competition Element’s and Feedback:
To incite action, a competition was integrated into the Team Vote gamification to foster an environment of involvement and competition. People who bet on the winning team were rewarded. 

Feedback from the event competition was received positively with users complimenting how easy it was to use, the amount of content that was available, and the ability to combine online and in-person engagement. 

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