Gamification is using game mechanics in non-game formats such as a website, internal business intranet, online communities and Email marketing Systems. The end goal is to increase participation. Driving more users to engage with a platform is a difficult task, but using a tool like Gamification is great fun and drives incentive for users to share, interact and engage.

Choose Your Fields

Select the fields of data that matter most to your business by choosing up to 5 data categories to capture. You have complete control over the data you prefer to collect!


Collect User Data

Admin users can easily export all of the inputted customer data for analysis. This is an effective way for you to gather the information that can help inform business decisions, or to retarget in the future!


Go Back To The Lab

Once you've gathered information on your customers and learned about their opinions of your business, it's time to take action. This means focusing on areas that need improvement while also doubling down on strategies that are working well.

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