Activate Customers

Gamification is using game mechanics in non-game formats such as a website, internal business intranet, online communities and Email marketing Systems. The end goal is to increase participation. Driving more users to engage with a platform is a difficult task, but using a tool like Gamification is great fun and drives incentive for users to share, interact and engage.

Design A Gamification

We will design a branded Gamification just for you! We have a selection of Gamification campaigns to choose from, or if you have your own amazing idea, Calm Campaigns can build one bespoke to you.


Engage With New Leads

Now that you have all of your data exported, you can easily filter it into your CRM by importing the CSV file delivered from your campaign. Engage with new customers, activate interested users and start seeing more sales!


Create New Offers

It’s time to start communicating with your newly found audience. A great way to activate customers is to send them introductory offers, or discounts for a second purchase, to incentivise them to buy from you.

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